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If every star in heaven 
Could make my twilight fair,
And drive away the clouds 
Of my black despair,

To hold my thoughts from sinking 
Into the boundless deep,
And give my mind weary 
The blessed healing sleep.

So often my heart was dry 
Without the hint of charity,
Shallow soul wet not my eyes; 
I see it now with clarity.

I wasn’t able to further look 
To catch the only truth:
My Life was just a dream 
That disappears with youth.

When triumph’s forgotten 
And the Past locked its door,
I see something important 
Will come back to me no more. 

I looked at the each 
of my life crook: 
Everything went quickly ahead,
Having taken me 
in a whirling brook, 
It seems now like a real mad.

And in the flood 
between days and nights,
When the main’s forgotten 
by blind disgrace,
Something’s been lost 
from my own sight
In this devastating race…

My mind dropped slowly 
into the hollow,
The abyss of darkness 
and ignorance followed,
The extreme despair went deep 
in my thoughts, 
But like never before 
I feel how it hurts…


Be yourself whatever happens in your life,
It is a kind of a world-and-person strife,
Never mind if you are a stranger in somehow way,
Do what you wish: you may stay or go away.

Live in the rhythm of your heart’s beating strong,
As it sings to you the most beautiful song,
Go where it asks for you to come or not,
You can create your own life plot.

Never mind if you are sometimes lost,
You can be the last in the world or the first,
You can be rich with the treasure of gold
Or with wisdom gained and words told.
You are free to make your life choice,
Have a secluded being or full of joys,
You can come down and cross the bridge
Or look up and climb the mountain ridge.

You are not slave of the destiny proud,
You are master over the nature around,
You can take the right or wrong choice,
But you should always listen to your heart’s voice.


Look! The ghostly Moon is out
To reign over the night sky above,
She’s wandering among stars around,
Eternal and silent guardian of love.

She is mute observer and keeper 
Of the secrets hidden in mind,
She survived a great deal of dramas
And left happy stories behind.

She has shapes illusively pale,
Her light flickers when shadows fall,
She hides careless and unwary lovers 
Behind gloomy moonlit wall.

She witnesses the words of oaths
Which are given by the lovers shy,
She listens to the words of despair 
And hears farewell pleading cry.

She comforts the shameful tears,
When the first promises are told at last,
She is never tired of guarding
Since many returns of the Past.


Cold rain drops wet tears,
When Angels cry,
Winds blow bringing fear,
When love and hope die.

Sad is my lonely way
Without you… the only you,
I go mad every night and day,
Dreaming I catch your view.

Angels cry
Sending your message to me,
Hearts can’t lie,
When we try from the truth to flee.
Angels cry,
Whisper is heard somewhere,
It’s your tender voice
I loved once and forever.

The skies are fierce 
to reflect my desires,
When the step is uneasy to take,
Lightings burn the clouds 
and my soul on fires,
The fear in heart nothing breaks.

Love and hope grow weak in despair,
But I dare not say you “Good-bye”,
The parting is cruel; the sky is unfair,
Angels cry for you…, Angels cry for love…
Angels cry…


Let’s forget of lies
That make our hearts to show proofs,
Abandon thoughts of sadness
When the rain is on the roof.
Let’s watch the Pleiades again, 
Our faithful friends, 
That glitter brightly to us
Until the Moon goes to rest.

Let’s repress the memories
Which make the strangers of us,
We should triumph in our love
And burn the bridge of unhappy Past.

Let’s our souls sink in the depth
Of our eyes,
We should cast away the shades above
To give the Present a highly rise.

We should be blinded with the thoughts
That palsied hearts can also cry,
The passion dignifies our actions,
But sweeping through it leaves souls dry.

Faithful feelings aren’t shaped by passion
That takes us sometimes in the sky above,
But they are eternally blessed by Heaven
And by the depth of our love.


The voice whispers to my ears, 
It’s time for my head to rest,
The ripper stands before my door, 
Spare me, oh, Death!

Let me stay alive for one more year,
I’m not ready to die,
So many deeds I still have on Earth, 
Oh, Death, give me another try. 

Show your mercy, I want to live,
It’s too early to say goodbye,
Oh, Death, it’s so good to feel alive,
Sense wind on the skin and see the sky.
Oh, Death, let me live, not die. 

Pain and suffering is here for you,
It’s time for your soul to rest,
Your body is weary; your heart has tired,
It’s time of peace for your head. 

Don’t ask me for mercy, 
Don’t pray. Don’t cry.
The time has come in order to die.
It’s time to die…


Beautiful girl, when I met you
Walking pass me in the daylight,
I was swept down by life miseries,
And felt they screwed me tight.

I was sad, desperate and lonely,
No tears if I would have gone, 
It’s so hard to survive every day,
My life went too wrong… it’s too wrong.

I was ready to put the stop
In my fighting with endless despair,
Then I saw you just before me,
So beautiful, naïve and fair. 

Don’t play with me girl,
My heart is broken, 
Its wound is deep and keen,
Don’t play with me girl,
Its Destiny’s token that
Love is a burning sting.

Despite all miseries, love is a drive,
Now I feel as never alive,
Oh, so alive.
Now I feel as never alive,
Oh, so alive.


It’s never late to start again,
Your road is long and full of lies,
It doesn’t matter if it looks insane,
When you continue your restless tries. 

Many things are weird in the world,
Many doors are closed before our face,
Don’t give up, knock the other door,
And you find the key to the right place.

Don’t afraid to change yourself,
You will live and die like no other do,
Be yourself! Always be yourself!
Then your dreams one day will come true.


The life is unfair in somehow way,
The bitter tears drop like the rain, 
Bladder of destiny injures us all,
It cuts the heart into pieces small. 

It turns the thoughts from up to down,
It makes us beggars or put the crown,
It’s only a chance you must not miss,
Like sweet but unexpected kiss. 

Stay with me, my dear, and never go,
I don’t want to hear your answer “no”.
The new distances calls for you to come,
But it’s time to have all your deeds done.

You exist in every part of my heart,
Forget the past; let’s new life start. 
Leave your worries, the sun shines today,
Don’t go from me, don’t go away. 

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